Słupsk is a town located in northern Poland in Pomorskie Voivodeship (Province) The city is situated on the Słupia River, on the Słowińskie Coastland, about 18 km from the Baltic Sea. It has a population of approximately 95 882 inhabitants.

We invite you to the most beautiful pearl of Central Pomerania. For some Słupsk is merely a stop in their travel. However, it’s worth a longer stay. Here you can stroll along mediaeval fortifications, see the Słupsk Guildhall, church leaning tower and the largest collection of works by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz.

Słupsk is where many attractive national and international events are organized: Polish Piano Festival, Komeda Jazz Festival, Female Arts Confrontations, Festival of the Culture of the East “Mundus Orientalis”, Schaeffer’s Festvial, Young Talent Festival “Niemen Non Stop”, “International Sport Bridge Festival – Solidarity.”

Słupsk is immersed in greenery. There are uncounted trees and numerous shrubs. The city looks especially beautiful during spring and autumn. In the city center you will find a clock made of flowers – huge face is arranged of flowers, and the hour hands really work! Nearby, there is a square where on a daily basis a date is shaped up of flowers.

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